POLICY BRIEF | Infrastructuring migration is possible: building on local coalitions towards translocal, enabling policy environments with a future

by Karel Arnaut ( KU Leuven )

Policy recommendations occupy a rather unusual place in ReROOT. The project is not aiming to produce high-level substantive policy recommendations for national governments and EY policy makers to formulate measures for handling migration and advance integration of newcomers. Instead it tries to empower arrival processes, prompt local multi-actor collaborations towards integration and bring in local and regional policy makers to asses the potential of these ‘integration coalitions’, inviting them to enhance the opportunity structures for these to prosper. In short, ReROOT seeks to build policy from below. What it expects from the (trans)national policy makers is to create a discursive environment that allows the local infrastructural work to succeed. On the rebound, the (trans)national policy makers are invited to draw from the local integration stories in order to enrich the translocal enabling discursive environment. To explain and illustrate this process, is the overall aim of this policy brief.


Read here: Policy Brief ReROOT