Department of Architecture & Urban Planning, UGent

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Ghent University aims to provide high-quality education, to train young researchers, and to carry out academic research, focusing on the design component of the architectural discipline, in the branches of knowledge of architecture, building technology and urban planning.


Luce Beeckmans

I am an Assistant Professor in Architecture and Urbanism related to Migration and Diversity, and a Project Partner in ReROOT. I am the leader of Work Package 5 ‘Mapping toolkits & platform prototypes’. My research concerns the intersection of migration and the city, with a particular focus on housing. I have a keen interest to impact society with my research, by regularly organising exhibitions, debates and workshops that reach a broad audience.

Dounia Salamé

I am a doctoral student at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, and will be working on components of Work Package 5 in ReROOT. My research interests include everyday practices of the city, urban citizenship, mapping, and the feminist city.