Published November 20, 2023 in De Morgen

Our ReROOT Principal Investigator Karel Arnaut today in De Morgen: “Vlerick must fall”: Why Flemish universities must take a stance on the Israeli apartheid regime. / ‘Vlerick must fall’: waarom de Vlaamse universiteiten positie moeten innemen over het Israëlische apartheidsregime

The article, written by Karel Arnaut, an anthropology professor at KU Leuven, addresses the silence of Flemish universities and the political mainstream regarding the Israeli apartheid regime. Arnaut argues that the universities need to take a clear stance on the ongoing events in Gaza and the occupied territories, emphasizing the importance of a well-founded argument and historical memory, especially concerning apartheid. The article also delves into the historical connection between Flemish universities, specifically the Vlerick Business School, and apartheid-era South Africa, highlighting the role of André Vlerick in supporting the racist regime.

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