Laboratory of Economic Policy and Strategic Planning (LEPSPLAN Lab). Department of Economics-University of Thessaly

The LEPSPLAN Lab (ΕΡΓΟΠΟΛΙΣΣ) conducts research and provides education in the fields of economic development, policy and planning.



Paschalis Arvanitidis

I am Associate Professor of Institutional Economics. My specialization is on institutional economics, urban economics and urban development. My current research interests include informal institutions, urban commons, and immigrant and refugee spatialities.


Pinelopi Vergou

I am Postdoctoral Researcher. My background is in Political Science and Human Geography. My research interests reflects this dual background. My work focuses on urban segregation, welfare policies and social–spatial changes. Currently, I work on the role of institutions and population in the resettlement of immigrants, in Greek cities.


Research site

Urban arrival infrastructures and housing mobilities in Thessaloniki metropolitan area and the central Greece rural-urban nexus

The research  concerns the study of two sites: a) the characteristics of immigration and arrival infrastructures in a complex and diversified nexus of Thessaloniki metropolitan area and b) the local manifestations of arrival infrastructure in the central Greece rural-urban nexus, in small-medium cities.