ILS - Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development

We investigate the various dimensions of urban change at different levels of scale and in international comparison. In active dialogue with practitioners, policy-makers and societal stakeholders, we gain important insights from this for the sustainable transformation and design of urban spaces.


Heike Hanhörster

Heike Hanhörster is Senior Researcher at ILS—Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development in Dortmund, Germany. Her research interest covers place-based processes of social inclusion and exclusion and people’s encounters with difference.

Cornelia Tippel

Postdoctoral Researcher, carrying out the field work in Dortmund-Nordstadt.

Research site


This composite site revolves around the mobile lifeworlds of migrants who consider themselves on the move. The ethnographic vantage points are Amsterdam and Brussels but will also include other places where these so-called ‘transit’ migrants find or build temporary settlements, mainly along the North Sea coast in Belgium (Zeebrugge) and Northern France (Dunkerque, Calais).