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New article published in Handbuch Lokale Integrationspolitik

You can read the article co-written by ReROOT Site Researcher Cornelia Tippel (ILS Research) here.

Designing and facilitating the arrival of newly immigrated people has long become a permanent task for many municipalities in Germany. Using the example of the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Dortmund, we demonstrate how local arrival policies are developed to enable the arrival and participation of newcomers. This chapter outlines the key features and challenges of Dortmund’s arrival policy, focusing on the overall migration strategy, the Migration and Integration Service Center (MigraDO), and the local welcome network.

The contribution represents a collaboration between academia and practice: Miriam Neßler and Cornelia Tippel are research associates at ILS Research, Institute for Regional and Urban Development Research in Dortmund, while Jochen Schneider works as a social planner in Dortmund’s Social Department. The chapter emerged from two research projects: AIMEC (Arrival Infrastructures and Migrant Newcomers in European Cities, funded by ESRC) and ReROOT (Arrival Infrastructures as Sites of Integration for Recent Newcomers, funded by the EU under Grant Agreement No. 101004704). We extend our gratitude to Lara Hartig, a student assistant in the AIMEC project, for her support.
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