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ReROOT Principal Investigator Karel Arnaut and co-Investigator Luce Beeckmans wrote a piece for Sampol Magazine busting 4 myths about migration.

Here are the key myths they bust:

  1. Myth: Migrants fail to integrate. Reality: Integration isn't a one-size-fits-all process but a mosaic of daily negotiations and interactions within various social circles. #MigrationMythsDebunked
  2. Myth: Double loyalties hinder integration. Reality: Transnational ties can enhance integration by fostering multilingualism, resilience, and cultural exchange. #MigrationTruths
  3. Myth: Migrants aren't doing enough to integrate, or society isn't open enough. Reality: Integration is a collaborative process involving both newcomers and host communities, often overlooked by policy makers. #IntegrationInsights
  4. Myth: Migration can be stopped. Reality: Migration is a timeless phenomenon influenced by global factors like conflict, inequality, and environmental issues. It's time to shift from crisis mode to a sustainable approach. #MigrationRealities

Read the whole piece (NL) here.
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