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Site Researcher Carolien Lubberhuizen (BE/NL) published in "Seasonal Matters Rural Relations: (Field)notes on rhythms, rituals and cohabitation"

Carolien Lubberhuizen (our ReROOT BE/NL Site Researcher) contributed to the latest issue of "Seasonal Matters Rural Relations: (Field)notes on rhythms, rituals and cohabitation".

This issue asks the following: What if traditional relationships, between humans and non-humans, plants, the weather and the rhythm of the seasons, are being lost in the race for profit and for increasingly intensive methods of production?

For her essay, "Unpacking routines of arrival: Arrival, routines and rituals of migration and agriculture in Westland and Haspengouw" Carolien draws from her fieldwork amongst agricultural migrantworkers in greenhouses, fruit fields, migrant hotels and Polish shops.

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