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Beste Bildung bestellt – Schul-Misere bekommen: Halbzeitbilanz der Dortmunder Schulpolitik” from Ruhr Nachrichten covers the Platform Building event for the research site Nordstadt (Dortmund, DE) addressing the lack of school spaces for newcomers among other challenges.

The article discusses the state of education in Dortmund, Germany, and provides a mid-term review of the city’s educational policies. Here are the key points:

  1. Education Priorities: The title “Beste Bildung bestellt” (ordered best education) suggests that there was an intention to improve education quality. However, the subsequent phrase “Schul-Misere bekommen” (received school misery) indicates that the situation hasn’t improved as expected.
  2. Challenges: The article highlights the challenges faced by Dortmund’s schools. These challenges may include overcrowded classrooms, lack of resources, and inadequate infrastructure.
  3. Government Accountability: The government’s role in addressing these challenges is under scrutiny. Despite the initial intention to prioritize education, the article suggests that the situation hasn’t significantly improved.
  4. Call for Action: The mid-term review serves as a wake-up call for policymakers. It emphasizes the need for urgent measures to enhance educational conditions and ensure better outcomes for students.

In summary, the article sheds light on the struggles within Dortmund’s education system and calls for more effective policies to improve the quality of education
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