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400 Stühle als Symbol für Schulplätze

“400 Stühle als Symbol für Schulplätze” - Soziales Zentrum Dortmund e.V.

In a symbolic action, several welfare organizations and social institutions drew attention to the challenging situation in Dortmund’s Nordstadt. 400 chairs placed at Nordmarkt serve as a poignant symbol of the lack of childcare and school places. District Mayor Hannah Rosenbaum and Mayor Thomas Westphal acknowledged the problem during the event. Families expressed their difficulties in finding adequate care and educational facilities. The Nordmarkt event featured information stands highlighting the current situation. While the issue remains urgent, the city is working on solutions, including a “Super-Program” to address the shortage of childcare places for children under three years old. Challenges include rising construction costs and a shortage of skilled personnel in childcare. Despite these obstacles, the city continues to build and transport children from Nordstadt to other neighborhoods due to the lack of immediate solutions.
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