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Platform Building: Haspengouw/Westland | Carolien lived for months as migrant worker in Westland greenhouse

Thousands of migrant workers work in Westland's greenhouses every year. International workers who come to work and live here often come across a lot. A unique exhibition in Hof van Heden from September 10 shows the mostly invisible realities of their migration. At the same time, the exhibition takes a look at horticultural rituals.

Carolien Lubberhuizen (Utrecht University and KU Leuven) lived life the way many migrant workers do for two months and helped in the greenhouse. Read the full article here (NL).

How do migrant workers find their way in Westland? This question laid the foundation for the exhibition, organized by Carolien Lubberhuizen (University of Utrecht and KU Leuven), with the cooperation of Petra Prinsova, Vitis Welzijn's social broker for the Naaldwijk core. The exhibition was formed by and with the people Lubberhuizen encountered during the fieldwork she conducted within the European research project ReROOT.
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