ReROOT Output

Flemish Agency for Internal Affairs: Integration Work Network Day

09:15 a.m.
Welcome 09:30 a.m. Introduction, Participant Introductions, and Ongoing Research
Karen Stuyck - Agency for Internal Affairs

09:45 a.m. Atlas of Superdiversity in Flanders Future Explorations: Spatial Exploration of a Superdiverse Society Dirk Geldof - Odisee
Brecht Vandekerckhove - Atelier Romain
Roxanne Vanhaeren - Atelier Romain

10:30 a.m. An Urban Perspective on Living Together in Diversity
Thierry Goossens & Stijn Van Wolputte - Agency for Internal Affairs

10:55 a.m. Break

11:15 a.m. Arrival as a Starting Point: Arrival Infrastructures as ‘Minor’ Integrations Luce Beeckmans

Luce Beeckmans (ReROOT Co-Investigator) is a research professor at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, KU Leuven. Her research focuses on the intersection of migration, city, and architecture, while also connecting it to broader discussions about urban diversity and inclusion. Based on her experiences in the ReROOT research project, Luce Beeckmans directs her presentation “Arrival as a Starting Point: Arrival Infrastructures as ‘Minor’ Integrations” toward understanding how society engages with migration. In this context, arrival serves as both the starting point and departure point for ‘minor’ integrations. Additionally, the concept of “doing” migration is framed as a process of “infrastructuring.” She also addresses the methodological challenges associated with investigating arrival infrastructures.

11:40 a.m. Urban Renewal as Social Practice Marjan Moris

12:05 p.m. Closing Networking Session 12:20 p.m. Lunch and Networking 1:00 p.m. End
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